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Top 10 Forex Brokers and Trading Platforms by Top10Forex.net.
As there is a pretty large competition on the forex broker market and multiple companies provide forex trading to customers all over the world, brokers are looking for ways to attract new customers, while also trying to keep their existing ones.
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While most Forex trading brokers try to incorporate as many instruments as they can into their trading accounts, some FX companies may limit the number of available instruments to a minimum. In order to offer a less complicated trading account.
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In addition, some brokers support independent trading platforms like the popular MetaTrader 4 platform that can be obtained free of charge and which many commercial forex trading robots are designed for. Some forex traders require the convenience of trading and keeping in touch with the forex market via their mobile phone or other mobile device.
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As a result, mobile apps for investing and trading are part of this same arms race, and the growth in mobile is just as real as it is for trading platforms on desktop and web, with many forex brokers ranking neck and neck in terms of mobile app innovation.
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We also cover a range of techniques, from CFD trading strategies to day trading forex, as well as other instruments such as commodities, ETFs and specific markets such as oil trading and gold trading. The Best Forex Brokers Trading Platforms.
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A forex broker since 2001, OANDA offers demo accounts that do not expire, giving you the ability to practice trading until you are ready to go live. Click on Academy for webinars live or archived, trading basics, and scheduled learning events.
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Most accounts are free to open, but you need to deposit a minimum amount to begin forex trading, such as 100. Check the terms before you apply. Is forex trading regulated? Yes, all UK based forex trading companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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You should be aware that opening an account with a forex broker who has taken the trouble to register with a regulatory agency while a very good idea will still not guarantee that the company is legitimate or that your trading funds are safe.

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